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APNchangeR: Terms of use

The body of work that makes up APNchangeR (text, images, etc.) is free for anyone to use, as long as they comply with our copyleft. We're working on making the entire APNcahngeR database available in other formats, so if you feel the need to copy this information elsewhere, you can.

The Web server, with accompanying Wiki software, are a collaboration tool used to coordinate the effort of contributing APNchangeR. It is made available to the entire community of APNchangeR contributors, namely:

  • Let people use their smartphones, tablets, cell phones, notebooks and other mobile devices with different cellular operators all over the world in the most cost effective way.
  • Let people travel abroad with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, MiFi modems and other data devices and pay local rates avoiding outrageous roaming charges for voice and data.
  • Let people configure their mobile devices and receive free, up-to-date information for specific carriers in real time and on the go.

If you're not interested in our goals, or if you agree with our goals but refuse to collaborate, compromise, reach consensus or make concessions with other APNchangeRs, we ask that you not use this Web service. If you continue to use the service against our wishes, we reserve the right to use whatever means available -- technical or legal -- to prevent you from disrupting our work together.

Reframing, image inclusion

APNchangeR has limited server resources and we'd like to use them to support the creation of content.

For this reason, we ask that individuals or organizations wishing to re-distribute APNcangeR content do not serve images from APNchangeR for inclusion in their own pages, nor put APNchangeR pages into framesets.