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[edit] Cellular Operators

[edit] Mobitel

APN settings

  • username: mobitel
  • password: internet
  • APN name: internet

[edit] Simobil

APN settings

  • username: simobil
  • password: internet
  • APN name:

[edit] Izi Mobil

APN settings

  • username: izimobil
  • password: izimobil
  • APN name: mms.izimobil

[edit] Tus Mobil

APN settings

  • username: tusmobil
  • password: internet
  • APN name:

[edit] Prepaid plans

[edit] Mobitel

Instant internet Dan na dan

You can get a prepaid data sim-card at € 15.00/ 21$ or at € 66.00/ 94$ including a ZTE MF636 USB-modem and 5 € start credit.

After you got the sim-card you can choose among:

  • 1 dan: unlimited surfing for 1 day at € 5.00/ 7$;
  • 3 dni: unlimited surfing for 3 days at € 10.00/ 14$;
  • 10 dni: unlimited surfing for 10 days at € 20.00/ 28$.
Bundles do not depend on calendar days but on the time of the activation. When you purchase a new sim-card you get € 5.00 of credit which you can use for activating the 1 day option, or you can refill your card.
When you first connect you will be automatically redirected to Mobitel page where you can choose which option to activate, check your credit and refill your card.
The card has a validity of 400 days from activation or last refill.

[edit] How to top up

  • all kind of Mobi value cards,
  • Credit card (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Activa card), or
  • Moneta service.

[edit] SiMobil


SIMPLnet is the prepaid broadband offer by SiMobil. You can choose betweekn two packages:

  • SIMPLnet paket: € 45.00/ 64$, including 24 hours free navigation and a Vodafone K3565 usb modem;
  • SIMPLnet SIM paket: € 15.00/ 21$, including 24 hours of free navigation.

After the first free 24 hours you can choose one of the following bundles:

  • 1 day unlimited surfing: € 5.00;
  • 3 days unlimited surfing: € 10.00;

If you download more than 2GB of data your bandwidth will be limited to 128 Kpbs till the end of the included days. SMS sending costs € 0.15. Voice calls and international roaming are not available.

[edit] Where to buy

SIMPL cards are available at Si.mobil's centers and larger Si.mobil's authorized dealers. They are issued in different values (5 EUR, 10 EUR and 20 EUR).

[edit] How to top up
  • On the user web site, enter the 14-digit number from the SIMPL top up card and click "TOP UP".
  • Call 080 40 40 40.

You can also top up the SIMPLnet account with the TOP UP service (only in Slovene).

[edit] VoIP applications

[edit] GPS and other navigation applications

[edit] Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

[edit] Social Networking applications

[edit] Special Travel applications

[edit] Wi Fi Networks

[edit] References

[edit] APN settings AT&T

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