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[edit] Cellular Operators

[edit] All operators use LTE bands 3, 7, 20 except Digi.Mobil on 38 band only

[edit] Orange

The following is a list of known frequencies which Orange employs in Romania:

Frequencies used on the Telekom Romania Network
Frequency Protocol Class

APN settings

  • username: wnw
  • password: wmw
  • APN name: wmw

[edit] Vodafone

Vodafone supports for tri band GSM, GPRS, EDGE at 900/1800/1900 MHz and also dual band UMTS/HSDPA at 900/2100 MHz

APN settings

  • username: Cosmin
  • password: 1980
  • APN name: Cosmin Adrian

[edit] Telekom

APN settings

  • username: not set
  • password: not set
  • APN name: broadband

[edit] Digi.Mobil

APN settings

  • username: not set
  • password: not set
  • APN name: internet

[edit] Prepaid plans

[edit] Vodafone

Internet on Mobile

7$ for SIM card (can be used for phone calls as well and carries 6$ credit after you bought it), then activate one of these options, by calling *147#

6$ per month = 1500 MB, extra traffic: 0.06$ per MB

1$ per day = 75 MB, extra traffic: 0.6$ per MB

0.3$ for openning a session + 0.6$ per MB

Internet on Laptop

If you already own a 3G modem, it's convenient to get this:

Internet 10 days 0.5 GB 7$ 3.6 Mbps
Internet 10 days Intensiv 1GB 10$ 3.6 Mbps
Internet 30 days 1GB 14$ 3.6 Mbps
Internet 30 days Intensiv 2GB 20$ 3.6 Mbps
Internet 30 days Super 4GB 28$ 7.2 Mbps
Internet 30 days Premium 8 GB 42$ 21.6 Mbps

[edit] SIM Sizes

MicroSIM/NanoSIM available

[edit] VoIP applications

[edit] GPS and other navigation applications

[edit] Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

[edit] Social Networking applications

[edit] Special Travel applications

[edit] Wi Fi Networks

[edit] References

[edit] APN settings AT&T

  • [ Orange]
  • [ Vodafone]
  • [ Telekom]
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