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[edit] Cellular Operators

[edit] Digicel

Digicel is a mobile phone network provider covering parts of Oceania, Central America, and the Caribbean regions.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: web.digiceljamaica.com

[edit] Cable & Wireless (Lime)

Visit Lime's website www.lime.com for more info.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: ppinternet / internet

[edit] Prepaid plans

[edit] VoIP applications

[edit] GPS and other navigation applications

[edit] Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

[edit] Social Networking applications

[edit] Special Travel applications

[edit] Wi Fi Networks

[edit] References

[edit] APN settings AT&T


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