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[edit] Cellular Operators

[edit] Vodafone

Vodafone operates 2G, 3G and 4G networks, as well as being a fixed Broadband ISP. The GSM mobile network (2G) runs on 900MHz and 1800MHz, while the UMTS (3G) network runs on 900MHz and 2100MHz frequencies.
Vodafone also operates New Zealands only 4G LTE network in Auckland at 1800MHz. They state that the network provides service in "around 97% of New Zealanders live, work and play".

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

For LTE APN name vodafone Must also have a 4G enabled plan and 4G capable phone.

[edit] 2Degrees

The company provides GSM 900 MHz (and, in selected areas, 1800 MHz) services on its own cellular network. Their GSM network supports EDGE, a feature not supported by any other network in New Zealand. They introduced mobile broadband on their UMTS 2100 MHz. 2Degrees has a roaming arrangement with Vodafone NZ for areas where they don't yet have network coverage.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name: internet

[edit] Black+White

MVNO/ESP. Operates in Vodafone network.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

[edit] CallPlus

MVNO. Operates on the Telecom NZ mobile network.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

[edit] Digital Island

MVNO. Operates in Telecom New Zealand network.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

[edit] Orcon

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

[edit] Telecom NZ

Telecom New Zealand runs a 3G UMTS mobile network in the 850 MHz frequency, with 2100 MHz infill in major urban areas. In some areas the network is HSPA+ enabled, with a maximum downlink transmission rate of 21.1 Mbit/s and an uplink rate of 5.2 Mbit/s attainable for capable hardware.

APN settings

  • username: (blank)
  • password: (blank)
  • APN name:

[edit] Prepaid plans

[edit] Vodafone

You can buy a Prepay Freebees SIM pack online for $5 NZD
You can buy Prepay Smart SIM-card with 19 NZD / 15.73$ credit preloaded for 29.95 NZD / 24.80$. The standard Prepay Smart rates are:

  • 0.49 NZD / 0.41$ per min to any mobile or landline number in NZ;
  • 0.12 NZD / 0.10$ per SMS to any NZ mobile;
  • 1 NZD / 0.83$ a day for up to 10MB.

Once you have obtained Prepay Smart SIM-card you may order one of the following Prepay Smart Add-Ons by sending SMS BUY and the Add-On name to 756 e.g. BUY SMART25:

Add-on Charge Minutes included SMS included Traffic Included
Smart25 25 NZD / 18.55$ per month 50 mins 2500 100 MB
Smart35 35 NZD / 25.97$ per month 50 mins 2500 150 MB
Smart45 45 NZD / 33.37$ per month 100 mins 2500 250 MB

Note: You can only have one Add-On at a time.Add-Ons last one calendar month and renew until cancelled.To cancel your Add-on send Cancel + your Add-On name to 756 e.g. cancel Smart25.

Smart35 and Smart45 add-ons include NZBestMate option - it gives up to 1000 mins and 1000 SMSs to 1 NZ mobile, or 1000 mins to 1 NZ landline of your choice.

If you have used up your Add-On allowance before it renews you’ll be switched to these rates:

  • 0.49 NZD / 0.36$ per min to any mobile or landline number in NZ;
  • 0.12 NZD / 0.09$ per SMS to any NZ mobile;
  • 0.20 NZD / 0.15$ per 1 MB.

There is also an option to buy Supa Prepay SIM for 29.95 NZD / 22.22$, it comes preloaded with 2 Add-Ons:

  • Mobile Internet 2 GO (MI2GO) - gives 50 MB of data traffic
  • TXTNZ - 2500 SMSs to any NZ mobile. Both Add-Ons are included and last for a month.

There are 3 data Add-ons for Supa Prepay plan you can choose from to build your perfect prepaid data plan:

Add-on Price Traffic Included How to activate
MI2GO 6 NZD / 4.45$ per month 50 MB Send SMS BUY MI2GO to 756
BBLite 10 NZD / 7.42$ per month 100 MB Send SMS BUY BBLITE to 756
Broadband Surfer 30 NZD / 22.26$ per month 512 MB Send SMS BUY BBSURFER to 756

Also Vodafone offers Prepay mobile broadband plan for you laptop. The start-up kit costs 79 NZD / 58.62$ and comes with 2GB of data preloaded, Vodem stick, SIM-card and free Vodafone Mobile Broadband software. After your 2GB bundle has expired or been exhausted and if you use your Vodem without buying an Add-On your credit will be consumed at Vodafone standard daily rate of 1 NZD / 0.74$ for your first 10 MB, and 1 NZD / 0.74$ for each MB after. Without a monthly data Add-on, you will be charged at data rate as above.

Available Add-on packages for Prepay mobile broadband:

Add-on Price Traffic Included How to activate
Broadband Lite 10 NZD / 7.42$ per month 100 MB Send SMS BBLITE to 756
Broadband Surfer 30 NZD / 22.26$ per month 512 MB Send SMS BBSURFER to 756
Broadband Plus 50 NZD / 37.1$ per month 2 GB Send SMS BBPLUS to 756

[edit] How to top up

There are a few options to top up your mobile phone:
See 'Vodafone's instructions'

  • Online top-up. Simply register to 'My account' and select 'Make a payment' or 'top up'. Then follow these steps:

1. Select or enter the mobile number you want to top up;

2. Select the amount you want to pay (between 20 NZD / 14.84$ - 100 NZD / 74.20$);

3. Enter your credit card details and click 'Confirm payment'.

  • From your Mobile phone

- On a Smartphone - Visit the Vodafone mobile site on your smartphone and select 'My Account';

- for iPhone - Download free 'My account for iPhone app' from the iTunes app store or send SMS APP to 898 and you'll be sent a direct link to the App store;

- Android - Download free 'My account for Android app' from the Android Marketplace;

- Or send a TXT message with TMU and the amount you want to top up, e.g. TMU 30 (for a 30 NZD / 22.26$ top-up), to 867 and follow the instructions. You'll need to call 777 and follow the recorded instructions to register your credit card or Visa debit card with Vodafone first;

  • By Phone

- Call Vodafone - If you have a Visa, Visa Debit Card or MasterCard call 777 from your Vodafone mobileand follow the voice instructions -> option 1 -> option 2 -> option 2;

  • By Recharge Voucher - Buy a Recharge Voucher from a service station, dairy or supermarket displaying a Vodafone sign or a Vodafone store. The Recharge Voucher has a 12-digit code, SMS the 12-digit code to 887 from your Vodafone Prepay mobile.Instead of sending SMS, you can call 777 from your Vodafone Prepay mobile, select option 2 and follow the top up instructions.
  • In a shop - Many stores around New Zealand have Vodafone eklick EFTPOS terminals where you can top up with cash, credit card or EFTPOS.
  • At my bank's ATM- If you're with ASB Bank, Bank of New Zealand or Westpac, you can top up at their ATMs.From the main menu select "Other" or "Other Services" and follow the Vodafone Prepay instructions.
    More about topping up at ATMs

[edit] 2degrees

2degrees offers SIM Cards for 5 NZD / 3.69$ (for you handset) and Data SIM - MicroSIM for 20 NZD / 14.78$ (for USB Modem, 3G WiFi Router, iPhone, iPad or other mobile data device, it can be used in regular SIM or MicroSIM devices). The $20 Data SIM contains 100 MB of National Data (Valid for 30 days from activation).

You can purchase a Prepay SIM in the online shop or in one of 3000 stores nationwide.

2degrees offers Prepay Combo Pack for 19 NZD / 14.04$, it includes 30 mins, 2500 SMS and 50 MB of National 3G data. To activate it send SMS buy 19combo to 233, to cancel - STOP 19Combo to 233.Once you have used all your minutes, SMSs or data before the pack runs out you will be charged standard rates (0.44 NZD (0.33$) / min, 0.09 NZD (0.07$) / SMS).

2degrees standard data rate is 0.50 NZD / 0.37$ per 1 MB. You’ll be charged this rate if you use data and don’t have one of 2degrees National 3G Data Packs or Mobile Broadband Zone Data Packs.

Data Pack Charge Traffic Included Validity period How to activate How to cancel
National 3G Data Pack - 100 MB 6 NZD / 4.43$ 100 MB 1 month.Renews automatically Send SMS buy 100mb to 233 Send SMS STOP 100mb to 233
National 3G Data Pack - 300 MB 10 NZD / 7.39$ 300 MB Send SMS buy 300mb to 233 Send SMS STOP 300mb to 233
Broadband Zone Data Pack - 1 GB 20 NZD / 14.78$ 1 GB Send SMS buy 1gb to 233 Send SMS STOP 1gb to 233
Broadband Zone Data Pack - 3 GB 50 NZD / 36.94$ 3 GB 2 months.Renews automatically Send SMS buy 3gb to 233 Send SMS STOP 3gb to 233
Broadband Zone Data Pack - 12 GB 150 NZD / 110.81$ 12 GB 6 months.Renews automatically Send SMS buy 12gb to 233 Send SMS STOP 12gb to 233

[edit] How to top up

There are several options:

  • Do it online at
  • You can buy a top up voucher from over 6000 places all over New Zealand, like petrol stations, supermarkets and dairies. Just look out for big blue 2° logo. It's easy, all the instructions are on the voucher.
  • Auto top-up. Just set yourself up in Your 2degrees. Register your credit card and decide the amount you want to automatically top up with every time. Then you can choose the type of Auto Top Up that suits you:

- ‘Just Top Me Up’ - you will be topped up when your balance drops to 2.50 NZD / 1.85$ with your chosen amount and your credit card will be debited.

-‘Text Me First’ - you will receive SMS when your balance drops below 2.50 NZD / 1.85$ to check if you want to be topped up. Reply ‘Y’ within 24 hours and 2degrees will debit your credit card. If you don’t reply nothing will be done.

  • Top-up over the phone. You can top up with your credit or Visa Debit Card. Simply call 201 from your 2degrees mobile (toll-free). 2degrees accepts Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express and can top up any whole dollar amount between 20 NZD / 14.78$ and 150 NZD / 110.81$. The maximum daily top up amount per credit card is 150 NZD / 110.81$. You can make your phone top up even easier if you register your credit or Visa Debit Card in Your 2degrees. Once you’re registered then you don’t have to type in all your card details each time, you simply use the PIN number you have set up.

[edit] Orcon

Mobile plans with no contracts

Plan Name Price Per Month Minutes Included Per minute rate Standard data rate
Purple 0 0 0.69 NZD / 0.51$ 0.5 NZD / 0.37$ per 1 MB
Silver 29.95 NZD / 22.13$ 60 mins / month 0.49 NZD / 0.36$
Gold 49.95 NZD / 36.90$ 120 mins / month 0.39 NZD / 0.29$
Platinum 69.95 NZD / 51.68$ 180 mins / month 0.39 NZD / 0.29$

There are 2 data add-ons available for each of the above plans: 500 MD data add-on for 36.95 NZD (27.30$) / month and 1 GB data add-on for 49.95 NZD (36.90$) / month.

Mobile Broadband plans

Plan Name Charge Traffic Included Per 1 MB rate Validity Period
500MB Data 19.95 NZD / 14.74$ 500 MB 0.5 NZD / 0.37$ 1 month
1GB Data 29.95 NZD / 22.13$ 1 GB
2GB Data 49.95 NZD / 36.90$ 2 GB
4GB Data 69.95 NZD / 51.68$ 4 GB

[edit] Telecom

Telecom now has two types of SIM Cards available:

  • Telecom SIM Card - for any XT Mobile or mobile broadband device that you buy from Telecom.
  • Telecom MicroSIM card - for iPad and iPhone4.

You can buy SIM card online. Or use Store Locator to find the nearest Telecom Store. SIM card costs 29.95 NZD / 22.13$. It comes with 10 NZD / 7.39$ credit already loaded, and you get another 10 NZD / 7.39$ top up if you register your Prepaid number online.

Pay As You Go rates are - 0.20 NZD / 0.15$ per SMS, 0.69 NZD / 0.51$ per minute

You can add Extras to your Prepaid mobile. There are singular Extras and there are new bundles called Value Packs.

Price (per month)
Name 6 NZD / 4.43$ per Extra 12 NZD / 8.87$ per Extra 18 NZD / 13.3$ per Extra
Talk 1 x My Favourites 2 x My Favourites 3 x My Favourites
Text 150 SMS 2500 SMS -
Data 50MB 150MB 300MB

Talk - For each 'My Favourite' you can nominate a Telecom mobile or landline number and then you get to call it as often as you like, within a fair usage amount.

Value Packs:

Value Pack Price Minutes Included SMS Included Data Included
Talk 20 NZD / 14.78$ per 90 days 40 - -
TalkText 20 NZD / 14.78$ per month 40 1000 -
TalkTextData 20 NZD / 14.78$ per month 20 1000 200 MB

If you use up the data allowance of your Data Extra in the month then you will revert back to the standard data rate of 1 NZD / 0.74$ a day for up to 10 MB and 1 NZD / 0.74$ for each additional MB in the same day.

To get started with Telecom Mobile Broadband you need a T-Stick (a USB modem that you insert into the USB slot on your laptop) or a datacard.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Prepaid Pricing Option Price Additional data
Mobile Broadband 500MB $25 NZD (one month expiry) After the included 500MB, you'll revert to the standard data rate.
Mobile Broadband 2GB 50 NZD (one month expiry) After the included 2GB, you'll revert to the casual data rate.
Standard rate 1 NZD a day for up to 10MB, on the days you use it. 1 NZD for each additional MB, on the days you use over 10MB.

If you use more than the 500 MB or 2 GB of included data then you'll automatically revert to the standard data rate of 1 NZD / 0.74$ a day for your first 10MB, then 1 NZD / 0.74$ per MB thereafter on the days you use more than 10MB. Alternatively you could easily subscribe to another 500 MB or 2 GB option online.

[edit] How to top up

Before topping-up your T-Stick you'll need to know your T-Stick mobile number, it is printed on the case in which your SIM card arrived. If you no longer have this case you may call 0800 800 163 to find this out.

You can top up your Prepaid T-Stick in several ways:

  • At a Telecom Store
  • Buy a 20 NZD / 14.78$, 40 NZD / 29.55$ or 60 NZD / 44.33$ Prepaid card or voucher at one of more than 100 retail stores, dairies, and service stations
  • Top-up over the phone with your credit card - call 0800 32 32 32

Once you've purchased your top-up voucher, call 0800 32 32 32 to load your Prepaid credit onto your T-Stick. You'll need to top-up at least once every 12 months otherwise your credit will expire and your account will be deactivated. If your credit does expire you'll be notified by text message that your T-Stick mobile number may be disconnected. Once you top up, your credit will last for 12 months.

[edit] VoIP applications

[edit] GPS and other navigation applications

[edit] Restaurants, hotels and other recommendation applications

[edit] Social Networking applications

[edit] Special Travel applications

[edit] Wi Fi Networks

[edit] References


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